Fred Margolis, Holocaust Survivor
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Each bus was assigned a "survivor" of The Holocaust to accompany us as we traveled to the various sites in Poland. Our group was fortunate to be assigned Munford (Fred) Margolis. Fred devotes much of his life to educating groups of students about the way WWII personally affected him.

Fred At Majdanek
This is also a good picture of the monument at Majdanek from the inside.
  Fred's History
Fred lived in Poland before the war. With the help of two non-Jewish men, Fred was able to escape the horrible conditions of the ghettos and camps. Unfortunately, his parents and sister did not escape the Nazis. Fred lost his entire family, as they were murdered in the concentration camps.

Fred is indeed an extraordinary person, probably the strongest man I have ever met. His trip to Poland was the first time he visited the land since he was a young boy. I felt fortunate to be with Fred when he returned to Poland for the first time. This trip was obviously quite important to him, as well as to all of us on the trip. Personally, I had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Fred: he is the first Jewish person I have ever gotten to know well. I suppose one desired result of the trip is that many people like me were exposed to a culture and religion unfamiliar to us.

Speaking to Our Group
One of the first times Fred spoke to us, while waiting to visit the monument at Plashov.

Message for members of my group
I am not satisfied with this page. I would like to have more pictures of Fred and have more factual information. I spent a lot of time talking to Fred, but I take horrible notes, and I'm concerned I am not giving Fred's story the attention it deserves. If you have any relevant information or any good scanned pictures, please send them to me.

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