Warsaw Ghetto
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Warsaw's Ghetto Wall
While in Warsaw, we visited the last remaining section of what once was an eleven mile wall that surrounded the Jews living in Warsaw. The wall was built to isolate the Jews from the rest of the city and hold them until they were shipped to the concentration camps.

A half a million people were forced into buildings that were only meant for one hundred thousand, meaning many families shared each small apartment.

  Starvation The daily food ration for each person in Warsaw's ghetto was equal to about 220 calories. The Jews were to be held in these areas until the Death Camps were ready for them. Slowly, trucks began taking them away. One fifth of the Jews forced into the ghettos died while there. Most of the ones who lived through the agonizing conditions of the ghetto eventually died in the camps. Enlarge Picture

  Children Over the Wall The walls in the Warsaw ghetto had flat surfaces and did not seem as high as those at Krakow. This meant that the barrier was not as secure as in other cities. While at this wall, we heard stories of people sending their children over the top in search of food in the free areas of the town. Many children developed relationships with non-Jewish residents of Warsaw who helped the children provide food for their families. Tragically, we also heard about children who were discovered climbing the walls by Nazi guards and met immediate deaths at the end of a bayonet. Enlarge Picture

  Missing Bricks Four bricks from this wall were removed and sent to Washington, D.C. They are now on display in our country's Holocaust museum. Enlarge Picture

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